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Hi! I'm Cortney, an online Endurance and Nutrition Coach. I help high-achieving business professionals reach their ultra-distance triathlon, running, and cycling goals within their time-crunched lives.

My ultimate goal is to help you manage training so you can excel at work, have energy for the weekends, and race with confidence. I come from a 20-year career in high tech, so I can relate to the challenges of having a demanding career while training for long course races.

My Beliefs:
  • Your endurance training improves your business performance

  • A personalized training plan is the most effective way to train

  • Attitude determines outcome

  • Fitness is a lifelong pursuit that requires consistent action

  • Courage and Planning are required to reach your full potential

  • Coaching is a 2-way street

Steps to Start a Coaching Program:
  1. Schedule a Coaching Inquiry

  2. Complete the background questionnaire

  3. 1-hr. deep-dive phone call with Cortney

  4. Get your training plan in Training Peaks and get to work!

  5. Monthly check-in with Cortney to adjust plan

Please Note: I am not accepting new athletes at this time. Please check back again later. Thank you!

Top 10 Reasons To Work With an Endurance Coach

  1. Reduce injury by ramping up safely in swimming, biking, running, and strength training

  2. Train at the optimal intensity and volume FOR YOU

  3. Receive expert advice about your training and racing plans

  4. Ensure your workouts are modified correctly based on your life commitments

  5. Learn how to use mental strategies for performing your best

  6. Gain awareness of how your nutrition habits affect your performance, and improve them

  7. Go into your next event with a strategy and an execution plan, including pacing and nutrition guidelines

  8. Receive guidance and feedback on goal-setting

  9. Off-load the writing of your training plan and workouts to an experienced professional

  10. Receive regular, honest, data-driven feedback about your progress

  11. Have an accountability partner for your fitness goals

What makes Northwest Energy Lab different from other coaches?

  • ​I specialize in mental strategies and process-based goal setting, applying what I've learned as an athlete with a full-time demanding corporate job to help my clients

  • I apply nutrition coaching to personal training programs

  • I will deliver action-oriented, honest feedback
  • We are an online coaching service which enables your training to be as flexible as possible in your busy life

  • We have a holistic approach to achieving high performance, with gratitude for nature and our competitors who help us push our boundaries

As your coach, I will be your biggest champion and your hardest critic, which means that you will have a training plan that is tailored to your physical abilities as well as the reality of your life. My feedback will be straight-forward and truthful so that you can set and accomplish realistic goals.

Certified Coach

Ben & Amy

Cortney was amazing in our training journey to our first Ironman.  She put together workouts that allowed us to train together and yet focus on each of our abilities so we could both improve.  During training, Amy even unexpectedly PR'ed in a half marathon. We felt completely prepared for our first Ironman, are super happy with our results!


Cortney is a fantastic coach. She’s detail-oriented, responsive, and intuitive. I completely trust her with my training, and I’ve seen all of my times improve with her. She’s coached me through two cross-country moves, 5x70.3 races, and multiple smaller races and events throughout the year. I love her emphasis on taking a sustainable approach to racing and keeping the long view in mind.


There are no words to express my appreciation for Cortney. Her training is comprehensive but flexible and her coaching style is supportive but challenging. I never thought I would be able to accomplish so many racing goals while balancing a hectic job and maintaining my personal life. Working with Cortney has been refreshing because she’s grounded, willing to adjust my training schedule when needed, and always keeps my overall wellbeing at the center of her coaching.

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