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Hi! I’m Cortney, an Endurance and Nutrition Coach

for high-achieving business professionals who are passionate about reaching their triathlon, running, and cycling goals within their a time-crunched life.

I develop highly personalized training programs, delivered online, to help my clients succeed at ultra-distance events, including Ironman triathlon, ultra running, and cycling.

You're driven to win at work.

Your family is your favorite team.

Your friends rock.

And you LOVE long-course endurance.


You want to do it all, but something's gotta give. I totally get it.

I've been there.

My Corporate Look

My Coaching Values


The world is a playground.  Respect nature and embrace the potential for fun around every corner. If you're not having fun, what's the point?


Be thankful for your health, every single day.  Nothing is insurmountable with the right perspective and attitude.


Active people are happy people! Fill your life with kindred friends who will inspire you to live healthy. Once you start moving, you won’t want to stop.


Eating a colorful variety of whole, plant-based foods is the cornerstone for both performance and recovery.


Do hard things, suffer, embrace the impossible. You won't ever find out what you are capable of until you see what lies beyond the boundaries that you have created.

Meet Cortney: CEO, Coach, & Superhero Creator

Cortney is a coach, runner, cyclist, swimmer, vegan, hiker, technologist, and animal lover.  Although she participated in sports growing up, she was primarily a classical pianist. She never thought of herself as an athlete, but she has always been a leader, motivator, planner, and health geek. Inspired by the PNW life when she moved to Seattle in 1998, she started hiking, biking, and running and eventually got hooked on endurance racing.

She has been a competitive runner and triathlete since 2010. She is a 3x Ironman finisher (All World Athlete), 6x marathon finisher, 5x ultramarathon finisher - including completing 93 miles on the Wonderland Trail in 3 days. While her great passion is to be outdoors, riding and running on mountains, she is a student of endurance sports, fascinated by physiology and psychology of training, which led her to coaching in 2015.  

Cortney's approach to coaching is holistic. With Cortney, you will cover proper volume and intensity ramp-up, specific strength-training for your sport, optimizing your nutrition, mental preparations, and goal-setting. She also loves to analyze data, so you don't have to. She will push you to push your boundaries because good things come to those who change. Cortney is a USAT Level I certified coach and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. She is also a co-founder of GritLink, a resource for the endurance and adventure community to find health care and education from Providers who are experts in endurance activities.

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Coaching & Racing Experience

Coaching Resume

  • Began coaching as a side hustle in 2014

  • Received USAT Level 1 Certification in 2015 and started Northwest Energy Lab

  • Maintained 1-on-1 personal coaching with 3-12 athletes while holding a full time job

  • 2016 started group coaching with running clinics, cycling clinics, brick workouts, and swim skills sessions

  • Since 2015, worked with 50+ athletes 1-on-1 and in group clinics for swimming, running, strength, and cycling


Training and Certifications

  • USAT Level 1 Certification, 2015-present

  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist - 2016

  • Training Peaks University - 2017

  • Bobby McGee Run Transformation course completion - 2018

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach - 2019

Racing and Adventuring Accomplishments

  • 2018 - Wonderland Trail - 93 miles in 3 days

  • 2018 - Joshua Tree 30-mile traverse

  • 2017 - half iron PR! Patriot Half Iron 

  • 2017 - marathon PR! - Birch Bay Marathon 

  • 2016 - most amazing race, all-around, Eiger Ultra Trail 50k

  • 2016 - Alps & Pyrenees cycling - most memorable climbs were Alpe d'Huez, Tourmalet, and Galibier

  • 2015 - torrential downpours of Ironman Canada

  • 2015 - favorite race for the adventurer triathlete, Escape from Alcatraz triathlon  

  • 2014 - Ironman Lake Placid triathloning in the thunder and lightening!

  • 2014 - Ironman Victoria 70.3 - top-10 AG finish, feeling competitive

  • 2013 - first Ironman - Ironman Florida 

  • 2013 - first triathlon podium - New England Tri Fest Olympic

  • 2013 - first marathon - Whidbey Island 

  • 2011 - first half iron - ChelanMan 

  • 2010 - first Olympic triathlon - ChelanMan

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