Check out this video to learn how to use resistance cords to stay on track with your triathlon swim workouts, even without a pool! Scroll down for recommendations on which swim cords to purchase. 

No Pool?

No Problem!

Stay swim-strong in your triathlon training, even without a pool, with 4-weeks of dryland swim workouts.  

Using resistance cords and core strength training, you can stay on track with your swim workouts when you are unable to get to the pool. Download this FREE guide today, which includes 4 weeks of training, 3 dryland workouts per week.  


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Get 4 weeks of dryland workouts to replace the swim workouts in your triathlon training plan

  • 4 weeks of workouts include 3 weeks that build on volume and intensity, and 1 week of lower volume to recover and repair

  • 3 workouts per week that mimic Interval, Endurance, and Strength sessions in the pool

  • Directly replace the swim workouts in your existing training plan with the workouts you'll get here

  • Get a bonus Core Strength workout on Endurance days

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My ultimate goal is to help you manage training so you can excel at work, have energy for the weekends, and race with confidence. I come from a 20-year career in high tech, so I can squarely relate to the challenges of having a demanding career while training for ultra-distance races.  


I'm here to help!

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