You wouldn’t go into your next business review, client meeting, or launch without a plan, so why race without one?

You've spent your valuable time preparing for your A-race, now it's time to execute!


A personalized race strategy will give you the confidence to crush your goals, and the time to start planning for your race day is NOW. I created this guide for YOU - the high-achiever who wants to get as much out of your races as you put into them. 


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Race with Clarity, Confidence & Control

Crush your triathlon, running, and cycling goals with this Race-Day Planner

What you'll learn:

  • Get crystal clear on your race goals and purpose

  • Master your mindset to conquer the “pain cave” so it won't conquer you

  • Focus on what matters most - before, during, and after your event

  • Prioritize your to-do lists to remain happy, calm, and relaxed on race week

  • Identify the game-changers in your fueling, logistics, and equipment preparations

  • Continually improve with each race


My Coach/Athlete/Badass Look

Hi! I’m Cortney,
your Endurance and Nutrition Coach

I work with high-achieving business professionals who are passionate about reaching their triathlon, running, and cycling goals within their time-crunched lives.


My ultimate goal is to help you manage training so you can excel at work, have energy for the weekends, and race with confidence. I come from a 20-year career in high tech, so I can squarely relate to the challenges of having a demanding career while training for ultra-distance races.  


I created the Race-Ready Planner for you so that you can get as much out of your races as you have put into them.

My Corporate Look

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