Our Walk2Run Program is Back!

Be the Change. Unleash Your Inner Runner.

We help time-crunched professionals who want to live a more active, injury-free life build a foundation of running knowledge so you can fully enjoy your fitness journey.


This is a 12-week course, led by professional coaches. We will meet in-person (or, optionally, online) each week to give you a new lesson and weekly training plan. By the end of 12 weeks, you will be able to run for 60 minutes!

Ready to drop all the excuses and get started?

Top 5 Reasons to Join Walk2Run

Feel awesome all day long because you GOT IT DONE first thing in the morning

Never miss a lesson or Coach's advice with the closed Facebook group

Accountability, Support, and Fun with a Coach and community of new running friends.

Unravel bullsh!t nutrition advice and get clear about what to focus on for YOU

Enjoy the satisfaction of bragging rights when you run your first 5K

Do any of these sound like something you would think or say? If the answer is YES, then this program is for you!

"I used to run, but I'm too out of shape now."

"I want to spend more time playing with my kids outside."

"I want to have the stamina to hike this summer."

"I want to run a 5k/10k/marathon!"

"I would run, but...

     ...it hurts my knees/feet/ankles."

     ...I can't find shoes that fit right."

     ...I'm too busy to get into a routine."

     ...I get tired after 1 minute of running."

     ...I get so hungry after my workouts and just end up binge eating."

     ...I am so slow that no one would ever want to run with me."

     ...I just look silly and get embarrassed."

This program is for brand new runners, experienced runners looking to learn more about the sport, injury-prone runners, and anyone who wants to get in shape.


I highly recommend the 12-Week Walk-to-Run Program. Our coaches, Cortney, Barry, and Jen, were fantastic. Although our group was made up of different ages and fitness levels, they encouraged, supported and challenged each of us and pushed us each a little out of our comfort zone. I did not know anyone when I began, but I feel like I have made new friends, and learned I am capable of doing more than I thought I could.

-Julie, Walk2Run Graduate 2019

(and Bellingham Bay Marathon FINISHER!!)

These past 12 weeks were nothing short of a miracle for me. While I did learn a ton about running, breathing, pacing and all that, the biggest thing I'm walking away with is that I now *believe* that running is not out of reach for me. And Cortney's mantra of 'It doesn't get easy. You just get faster' will be my take away as I venture out into bigger goals.

-Chetna, Walk2Run Graduate 2019

Meet Your Funtastic Walk-to-Run Coaches

Coach Cortney

Coach Jen

Program Details

Choose one location:

  • Seattle - South Lake Union (Tuesdays), or 

  • Redmond - Marymoor Park (Thursdays), or 

  • Join the Virtual Training Group on Facebook

​We will meet once a week, for 12 consecutive weeks for 1 hour:

  • Seattle group - Tuesdays, 6:29am. April 7 - June 23

  • Redmond group - Thursdays, 6:29am. April 9 - June 25

  • Virtual group - New lessons will be available every Monday from April 6 - June 22

$24 per class 

12-week commitment ($288 total)

Our Guarantee & Refund Policy: 

We want you to be satisfied! The first 3 classes are risk-free. If you are not satisfied after attending 3 classes, the full $288 will be refunded. (Please request a refund by April 25.)

Ready to Get Started?

Click the "Buy Now" button. Once your payment is received, we will contact with you to learn more about your exercise history and your running goals so that you can get the most out of this program. 

For More Information see the FAQ below, or contact us at hello@nwenergylab.com


Can I come to the first lesson to see if I like it before committing to all 12 weeks?

Learning how to run properly is a process. When you register for this program, you are registering for 12 consecutive weeks (every Tuesday or Thursday from Apr 7-Jun 25), each with a different lesson about running skills. We do not offer one-off sessions as part of this program, but we do have a 3-session money-back guarantee. If you are not having fun after the first 3 sessions, and decide this program is not for you - no hard feelings, just let us know by April 25 and your full $288 will be refunded. 

What if I can't make it to all 12 sessions?

If you know that you are going to miss one or two sessions, that's ok! The material covered in each session will be available virtually on our closed Facebook group so you can stay on track. You will also have access to the Coaches during and after the program, so if you have any questions about material you missed, you can contact us at any time. 

What should I expect from each class?

For each class, we will spend the first 15-30 minutes introducing a new concept about running. For the last 30-45 minutes we will walk/run together, using the concepts that we discussed. 

How does the Virtual Training Group work?

If you are unable to join us on Tuesday mornings in Seattle, or Thursday mornings in Redmond, join our Virtual Group! Each Monday, a new video lesson from the Coaches will be available. We'll give you all of the instruction, plus the workout for the week, so you can progress in the 12-week program. All participants - in personal and virtually - will be part of a closed Facebook group so that you can meet some new friends and build your running community.

But it's just running, how much can there be to learn?

See "Who is this program for?" above :-) We truly believe that running can be for everyone! If you have ever said or thought one of the reasons (excuses?) in question #1, then there is a key concept about running that you need to add to your toolbox. We will cover topics such as: maintaining the right effort level for you, how to ramp up from walking to running, developing the right cadence, picking the right shoes, how to fuel your body properly, cross-training, staying motivated, stretching, strength training, and fitness technology. 

Any questions?

If you have more questions about this program, please contact us at hello@nwenergylab.com.

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